Automatic Namkeen/Salty Line

Automatic Namkeen/Salty Line

Products made by the line are

Sev, Ghatiya, Papdi



Special features

Multi-flow oil injection System

Multiple Drives

Touch Screen Operating System

Automatic Temperature Control

Oil Filtration System

Automatic Hood Lifting System

Oil Tank

Stainless Steel Execution


Less risk of breaks, downtime, leakage And failure thanks to minimal welding.

Prevent product breakage and debris deposits in the construction, resulting in less rejected product after frying and extended oil life.

Reduced cleaning time with no oil remains after draining the fryer.

Provides laminar flow of oil and helps ensure each potato chip is fried evenly, also helps clear debris from bottom fryer to extend oil life and maintain product quality.

Technical Specification

Automatic Namkeen Line
Model CF 100 CF200 CF 300 CF 400 CF 1000
Output 100 kg/hr 200 kg/hr 300 kg/hr 400 kg/hr 1000 kg/hr
Edible Oil Holding Capacity 200 Ltrs 300 Ltrs 400 Ltrs 500 Ltrs 1200 Ltrs
Edible Oil Filtration Drum Filter Drum Filter Drum Filter Drum Filter Drum Filter
Total Heat Required 50,000 K Cal 1,00,000 K Cal 1,00,000 K Cal 2,00,000 K Cal 3,00,000 K Cal
Total Power Required 3HP 5HP 7 HP 9HP 13HP
Lifting System Pneumatic/ Manual Pneumatic/ Manual Pneumatic/ Manual Pneumatic/ Manual Pneumatic/ Manual
Floor Space 600 Sq.Ft 900 Sq.Ft 1200 Sq.Ft. 1500 Sq.Ft 1800 Sq.Ft
Material of Construction SS 304 SS 304 SS 304 SS 304 SS 304
Fuel Option
Diesel 4-5 Ltr/Hr 5-6 Ltr/Hr 5-7 Ltr/Hr 8-10 Ltr/Hr 17-20 Ltr/Hr
Natural Gas 5-6 Units/Hr 6-7 Units/Hr 6-8 Units/Hr 10-12 Units/Hr 20-22 Units/Hr
Wood Based (HE) 15 kg wood/Hr 20 kg wood/Hr 25 kg wood/Hr 40 kg wood/Hr 80 kg wood/Hr

Processing system includes following equipments

Continuous Extruder

Continuous Frying System

Oil Storage Tank

Edible Oil Heater

Mixing Tumbler

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