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What is speciality of Alratech

One Stop Solutions from making to Packing in Food Processing and Packaging

Year of Experience in Food Industries?

38 Years in Making to Packing

What is advantage over the competitors?

First Company to build A-Z in food plant & Machinery

Can you supply stand alone or Single machine


Can you make machine as per requirements?

Yes, we manufacture/supply Customize/tailor made machine

In how many country you have your Presence and After Sales Support?

We have in India, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan, Uganda, Egypt, United Kingdom, Canada and more to come.

Is Alratech Machine need special skills to handle/Operate?

Our machines are operator friendly & we can train operator in minimum time.

What is maximum and minimum production capacity plant you manufacture / supply?

100kg/hr, 200kg/hr and 300kg/hr production capacity.

Have you given/supplied turnkey solutions?

yes, give us land & money rest we asure final product as per yours & market requirement.

How many plants have been installed by your company?

2000+ Satisfied customers

Warranty available outside India?

Yes, you will get complete warranty and After Sale Support, through out the World.

Food Processing, Packaging, Turnkey Solutions... we are available for you

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